Pacman on Any Unix Like OS

Debian and its derivatives Linux Distribution have a great package / software manager. It's called APT, i like and so fun work with this. Also other Linux distribution like RedHat, Gentoo, Suse, even MacOS X. But, Arch Linux have very simple and easy to use package manager, its called pacman. Can we use pacman on other operating systems other than Arch Linux?

And fortunately it is not impossible to do. There is a software that is made with the Python programming language that allows us to use Pacman in any UNIX Like operating system. Its called "pacapt". How it work? This tool use native package manager, but use pacman command to manage the package.

How to install?

Very easy and simple, jsut follow the instruction bellow (any UNIX Like OS):

wget --no-check-certificate 
  -O /usr/local/bin/pacman

Then make it executable:

chmod +x /usr/local/bin/pacman  

Example usage (install git):

pacapt -S git-core  

Read full documentation at Github Page