Ghost API Structure

I love Ghost because it really simple and awesome. Ghost provide API, and you can access it for anything you want, example: an Android or iPhone client for Ghost

This is the basic URL scheme for Ghost API:

Managing Posts

get  = /api/v0.1/posts  
post = /api/v0.1/posts  
get  = /api/v0.1/posts/:id  
put  = /api/v0.1/posts/:id  
del  = /api/v0.1/posts/:id  

Managing Settings

get = /api/v0.1/settings/  
get = /api/v0.1/settings/:key/  
put = /api/v0.1/settings/  

Managing Users

get = /api/v0.1/users/  
get = /api/v0.1/users/:id/  
put = /api/v0.1/users/:id/  

Managing Tags

     get = /api/v0.1/tags/

Managing Notifications

del  = /api/v0.1/notifications/:id  
post = /api/v0.1/notifications/  


NB: before using API, you must login into the admin panel.